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End of Desjardins’ cash book: ‘It’s disastrous’

End of Desjardins’ cash book: ‘It’s disastrous’

Today is a historic day for clients of the Desjardins Group who will no longer offer their Cash Booklet, the predecessor of the Accès D online service, after 120 years of its existence.

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It is still used by about 270,000 people, most of whom are 70 or older.

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“It is disastrous,” especially in rural areas, immediately calls out Pierre Lynch, president of the Quebec Association for the Defense of the Rights of Retired Women (AQDR).

“They are losing all services!”

“It’s just another sign that older people don’t currently matter to either businesses or governments, and that’s what’s appalling. [Ils] They still represent 20% of the population, and soon 25%,” laments the AQDR president.

“Where is the respect for the people who built the community?” asks Mr. Lynch.

The expert also questions the primary purpose of the financial cooperative.

“The Desjardins movement seeks to be a social movement, to be a local movement. I think he can get closer to seniors and make sure that we are providing the service that people not only expect, but that people are accustomed to.”

He believes the service should have been maintained for people who continue to use it and who still need it because “some will not be able to cope”.