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Empty pills |  There are no quality issues, says the manufacturer of Prometrium

Empty pills | There are no quality issues, says the manufacturer of Prometrium

Prometrium does not cause any quality problems, as confirmed by its manufacturer, Organon. In recent weeks, women across Quebec have noticed that medications for menopausal symptoms are missing from their capsules.

“The information available to date concludes that no evidence of quality issues has been identified for PROMETRIUM®,” the company said in a press release Monday morning.

in December, Journalism She reported that many women were surprised to find that capsules of Prometrium Progesterone, a female hormone to combat menopausal symptoms and used in fertility treatments, were simply empty.

The manufacturer, Organon, said it launched an investigation to highlight insufficiently filled or hardened gelatin capsules after the first patient complaint was reported to the company in December.

“The results obtained to date show that PROMETRIUM® meets all quality specifications and complies with applicable laws, including current Good Manufacturing Practices,” the company adds. A report presenting the results obtained so far has been submitted to Health Canada.

However, many women insisted on it Journalism After they noticed that their medication was empty. This is the case of Cynthia, who preferred to keep her last name quiet, because those around her did not know that she was taking progesterone capsules. The premenopausal woman noticed in December that 20 of the 22 Prometrium capsules contained no medication. She says the lack of medication has caused many side effects, such as insomnia, anxiety, and heart palpitations.