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Employers will have to reinvent the workplace

Employers will have to reinvent the workplace

Telework was a difficult adaptation for many workers, but for others, the change turned out to be somewhat positive.

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With the decommissioning announced by the Legault government, many Quebecers will have to physically return to work soon and not everyone will be happy about it.

According to a recent survey by Downtown Montreal and the Quebec Institute for Urban Development, more than 75% of people want to work from home for more than half of the week. Faced with such a craze for remote working, many companies will have to use creativity to find and retain their employees.

“We have to redefine the office, see it as a crossroads, to see that we prefer to go to the office to meet there,” Mélanie Boivin, chief designer at ADHOC Architects, noted on the airwaves of LCN.

Without just making them places of social connection, desks will reverse the ratios between spaces for collaboration and those for individual work, Melanie Poivin notes.

“The office should be attractive and promote luxury, beyond safety regulations,” she adds.

The designer also believes that employees should be consulted in changing their work environment.

“You really have to take heart in what is happening on the pitch, the way people think and feel,” Melanie Bowven explains.

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