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Elon Musk. Photo : BOBBY YIP/REUTERS

Elon Musk Should Pay $11 Billion in Taxes

American billionaire Elon Musk You must pay a large amount of tax to the US tax authorities. In fact, the world’s richest man announced on the social network Twitter that he should pay $11 billion in taxes. This is justified by the fact that he recently sold almost $ 14 billion of his company’s shares. Tesla.

Didn’t Pay Taxes in 2018

The information was confirmed by the American media BloombergWho indicated that the amount reported Elon Musk Close to what he would have to pay the US tax authorities, if he were to pocket all of his stock options that expire in 2022. Note that the reporting of this number comes after tax documents were leaked fromElon Musk. In fact, investigation platform Pro publica He had obtained this which allowed him to confirm that the chief SpaceX He paid no federal income tax for 2018, taking advantage of statutory tax evasion.

Reminder, Elon Musk Also the richest man in the world with a fortune estimated at 265.4 billion, according to the American magazine Forbes, Person of the Year by the newspaper times. Thus, he stole the limelight from the current president Joe Biden and his deputy Kamala Harris. Then the Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren He did not fail to contact him to pay his taxes.