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Elon Musk: Is he losing control?

Elon Musk: Is he losing control?

The European Union and the United Nations have condemned it Elon Musk’s decision to suspend the work of dozens of journalists on Twitter. When Musk took over the company, he had vowed to run Twitter as a “freedom of speech.” Faced with a torrent of criticism, he turns around and announces that he will reinstate their arrival.

He had disqualified these journalists because they reported the expulsion of a 20-year-old student who had been tracking his movements on his private jet. He said it put him and his family at risk. But then, why are journalists who simply covered the news without giving details of the location of his plane banned?

Since he took over Twitter, he’s been working hard there according to the mood of his new boss. Its management of the social network since its $44 billion acquisition last October has been chaotic: series of resignations and dismissals and scrapping of rules around the platform’s content. Decisions that scared advertisers. To reduce Twitter’s operating costs, whose revenue is declining, the company no longer pays rent for its San Francisco headquarters and offices around the world.

The irresistible rise of Elon Musk

Born in South Africa, he immigrated to Canada with his parents. After studying at Queen’s University in Kinston, Ontario, he moved to California in 1995. With his brother, he founded Zip2, Company that designs maps and guides for online newspapers.

Through mergers and acquisitions, this led to PayPal in 2000, of which he was removed from the board of directors while remaining a shareholder. When Paypal was acquired by eBay in 2002, Musk used the $175.8 million earned to found SpaceX, a spaceflight company.

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In 2004, he was one of the first investors in Tesla, which he took over in 2008. In 2016, he created Neuralink, which is developing a brain-computer interface. He even plans to serve as a guinea pig himself and get one transplanted.

In 2018, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which regulates financial markets, sued Musk for allegedly Falsely stated that he had secured financing to buy Tesla. Musk had to step down as chairman of Tesla and pay a $20 million fine. His misleading statements and misinformation about COVID-19 have been heavily criticized.

Musk Syndrome and Asperger’s

in Interview with Axios news websiteMusk talked about his life with Asperger’s Syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder. Einstein, Darwin and Newton would also suffer from it. He realizes the impact of the syndrome on his decision-making. There are a few known examples of business leaders with the syndrome.

Highly intelligent, Elon Musk is also a weirdo, impulsive and therefore unpredictable being. After being allowed to accumulate his vast fortune, will his anomaly lead to his downfall?