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Elias Pettersson was almost traded to Carolina

Elias Pettersson was almost traded to Carolina

I think we can agree that the Canucks are surprising this season.

The team looked pretty lost on the ice last year…

But the arrival of Rick Touchette as head coach changed the situation completely.

The Canucks are on track to collect 110+ points in the standings if they keep up, but in Vancouver, there is still concern.


Because Elias Pettersson's contract ($7.35 million annually) expires at the end of the season and because he has not necessarily shown a desire to stay.

The Canucks were concerned, so they tried to trade him to Carolina, according to Elliott Friedman Recent article.

The Swede came close to ending up with the Hurricanes:

According to multiple sources, the Vancouver Canucks and Carolina Hurricanes have had discussions about Elias Pettersson that have reached a point where the Canucks and the player have had to make serious decisions about the direction their relationship will take. -Elliot Friedman

It's really interesting.

Peterson has finally committed to Vancouver, where he is expected to sign a contract huge The contract is coming soon… but if it collapses, I have the impression the Hurricanes will collapse Fast at peak.

I'm especially wondering what the Hurricanes' pitching looked like, because Peterson has been the offensive engine of the Canucks for a few seasons now.

Could a guy like Martin Necas be part of the deal? Sebastian is it? Andrei Svechnikov?…

And Jesperi Kotkaniemi?

David Pagnotta believes that KK's name and Necas' name were part of the negotiations:

Elias Pettersson collected 102 points last season and could still reach 100 points by the end of the season.

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He's in the process of giving himself the tools to sign one of the most lucrative contracts in the NHL… and he deserves all the money he'll be paid.

It just remains to be seen whether his contract will be signed with the Canucks…or another team in the league. Remember, at the end of this season he will become a free agent with compensation (and will be eligible for arbitration).

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