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Economy: Where can you buy a used phone without risk?

Economy: Where can you buy a used phone without risk?

More and more Quebecers are buying used cellphones, whether to save money or to encourage reuse of devices. Here's where to buy a used phone under warranty.

As with any used device purchase, you need to be careful about where you buy your new phone, especially when it comes to classifieds sites and platforms like Kijiji or Marketplace.

In fact, the biggest risk is that a phone will end up stolen and thus unusable if the previous owner declares it lost or stolen.

Specialized stores

Stores that specialize in selling used electronics are a good option for finding a used mobile phone with a warranty. This is especially the case for Recycell, SecondCell, GoRecell and SOS Phone resellers.

Electronics stores

Some electronics stores, such as Best Buy, resell used, unlocked and refurbished cell phones, offering a warranty.

Telephone operators

Most mobile phone operators offer used and refurbished mobile phones with a warranty, and this is particularly the case with Videotron and Fizz. Some even offer a program to exchange your old phone for a new one, depending on its value.

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