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Duo du Bas and Talec Noguet at Espace Glenmor on February 27 – Carhaix

In partnership with Le Plancher, a wandering cultural scene in central Brittany, Espace Glenmor presents a concert on Sunday 27 February, at 5pm, featuring the Duo du Bas and Talec Noguet Quartet.

lower pair

The Giants are the heroines of songs written and composed by Elsa Corrie and Helen Jaquilo. Their meetings thus form the leitmotif of Duo du Bas’s new repertoire, like the extravagant Road movie. Always so attached to musical exploration about their voice and the everyday things they like to turn in favor of rhythm and poetry, they bring you a concert full of surprises and ordinary fantasies.

Talec Noguet Quartet

Formed around singer Rosen Talk and accordionist Yanij Nojeh, the quartet combines the atmosphere of a Nooz festival and concert by putting the uniqueness and depth of the gowers at the service of Gavut’s ecstasy. Julian Padovani on keyboards and Timothée Le Boer on saxophone, the two musicians the duo invited to share this experience, bring to the group more contemporary colors of jazz and improvised music. Talek Nugit Quartet delivers lively and lively music to the feet, but is also soft and delicate to the ears!


Duo du Bas and Talec Noguet quartet Sunday, February 27 at 5 p.m. at Espace Glenmor. From 8 to 15 euros.

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