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Ducharme left in nothingness by Hughes and Gorton

Ducharme left in nothingness by Hughes and Gorton

In an exclusive interview with The Athletic medial’ex-entraîneur-chef des Canadiens de Montréal Dominique Ducharme a expliqué qu’il n’a jamais pu s’asseoir avec Kent Hughes et Jeff Gorton afin de comprendre ce que l’on demandait de lui d’ici la fin de chapter .

Should he keep trying to win games at all costs with the smaller teams he has or focus on youth development? It was impossible for him to know.

“It’s the part that hurts me, or disappoints me the most, that I haven’t had a chance to sit down with them and tell them how I see hockey,” Ducharme told The Athletic. If the plan was to lose most of the toys and have the kids play, I would have liked to have known because I would have taken a different approach with them.

Ducharme also responded to criticism from his critics who accused him of denying Cole Caufield the Calder Cup. Under Ducharme, the sniper was limited to one goal in 30 games while with St. Louis he scored 22 times in 37 games.

“I find it flat, the hockey guy admitted. When I hear things like that, it’s like I don’t want Cole to score 40. I wish he’d score 40!”

Citizen Juliet has also been questioned about his strict system of play at times. He doesn’t seem to think this is directly related to the team’s failures last season.

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