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La frontière entre le Tchad et la Centrafrique. © Google Maps

Drones flew over Chadian airspace

Unidentified drones flew over Chadian airspace near the border with the Central African Republic, Monday morning, the day after the Central African army attacked the Soro outpost.

“This morning, drones penetrated our airspace. It is a major concern for us.”Lieutenant General Moussa Harun Tirgo, Governor of Eastern Logon.

“We will inform the central government that will analyze with the international community.”The governor, who visited the site of the attack, about 7 kilometers from the border with the Central African Republic, added.

The Central African Republic admits to “exchanging fire on both sides” on Sunday as the armed forces pursue rebel elements on the border with Chad.

According to the Chadian version, the armed forces of the Central African Republic attacked, on Sunday, at five in the morning, the Soro outpost in Chadian lands, near the town of Mebere, and near the Central African borders, according to the Chadian government. This center is managed by 12 delegated elements of the Chadian Defense and Security Forces.

Heavily armed attackers killed a Chadian soldier and wounded five. Five others were kidnapped and then executed in Mbang, on the African side. “Confirms Foreign Minister Sherif Mohamed Zein.

“It is an attack by the armed forces of the Central African Republic on the Russians who come to our land to kill our soldiers. This action will not go unpunished.”, Confirms Logone Oriental’s governor.

The Central African Republic says it is ready to start all measures as soon as possible to secure the common borders for the benefit of the two peoples, and is preparing itself to work with the Chadian party to maintain peace and security.

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Central African Communications Minister Ange Maxime Casague has announced that a delegation from the Central African government will visit N’Djamena soon.