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'Don't Call Gay': 'A Huge Victory' for the LGBTQ+ Movement

'Don't Call Gay': 'A Huge Victory' for the LGBTQ+ Movement

Students and teachers at Florida elementary and secondary schools will be able to discuss issues of sexual orientation and gender identity under an agreement reached Tuesday between groups challenging the so-called “No Deal” law. . Students will also be able to access books on these topics in school libraries, as long as reading these books is not mandatory as part of the semester.

according to a report the Washington PostLGBTQ+ activists welcomed this agreement and described it as a “great victory.” “Florida has already endured nearly two years of book bans, teacher departures, and ‘safe space’ stickers being taken down from classroom windows as a result of this law that cynically targets the LGBTQ+ community,” said Nadine Smith, Florida’s Director of Equity. a permit. “This settlement is a giant step toward repairing the enormous damage these laws and dangerous political rhetoric have done to our families, our schools, and our country.”

The Republican Governor of Florida also presented the agreement as “Big victory” To his camp. “We have fought hard to ensure that this law is not discredited in court, as it has been done in the public arena by the media and major corporations.” Announce For his part, Ryan Newman, Florida State Attorney. “We prevailed and Florida classrooms will remain a safe place under the Parent Education Rights Act.”

Therefore, the ban on any teaching on issues of sexual orientation and gender identity remains in place. But these topics can be discussed between teachers and students. They will also be able to write about these topics in their work.

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