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A difficult return from vacation: A family helplessly watches their home being burgled from a distance

A difficult return from vacation: A family helplessly watches their home being burgled from a distance

Halfway through their return flight, a British family returning from their stay in Saudi Arabia to celebrate Ramadan watched helplessly as their home was burgled, captured on surveillance cameras and broadcast on their mobile phones.

“It was scary, honestly, to see a stranger going through the house and looking everywhere. Everything was upside down, all the drawers were upside down, and the cupboards and cupboards were open. “They emptied all the boxes,” a family member, speaking on the condition of anonymity, told the Manchester Evening News on Sunday.

As they prepared to leave Mecca, the family from Rochdale, a town in northwest England, noticed that surveillance cameras connected to their mobile phones had just captured the burglary at their residence.

In the pictures, they could see masked individuals, equipped with a long screwdriver, turning their house upside down, according to British media. Without being able to get their hands on the keys to the new BMW, the thieves eventually left with only the two security cameras, according to the family.

“I think they knew we were out. I think someone was watching us, saw a change in our habits and took it as an opportunity. It is very shocking. The feeling of security that you usually feel in your home is no longer there,” the man said in an interview with the Manchester Evening News. .

Although home burglaries occur throughout the year, Constable Mohammed Latif of Greater Manchester Police's burglary unit noticed an increase during the Ramadan period, when many families travel out of the city to join relatives, according to local media.

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Furthermore, Asian homes are often particularly targeted by thieves, since culturally households tend to possess high-quality gold, passed down from generation to generation, police said.

Thus, during the Muslim holiday, police in the area advised neighbors to be more vigilant, advised families planning to travel to close their homes, and promised to increase patrols in Asian neighborhoods, according to local media.