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Donald Trump: The best president ever

Donald Trump: The best president ever

Since posting his profile picture, the former president and GOP hopeful has been filling his coffers selling products derived from supposed cheese.

Even after being charged, Agent Orange continues to lead his disturbing forces, like a teacher.

Trumpy: Mukhtar Club

Since his first election campaign. Donald dazzles observers of the political world.

Studies follow up on his supporters and all show that his armed base is less educated than the base of his Republican and Democratic opponents.

Every time I read the praises of a fan of bad loser Trump and biased Trump, I wonder if his worshipers understand that they willingly associate themselves with a group characterized by its lack of intellectual training.

Note that the same thing we’ve already seen from supporters of the Conservatives and right-wing parties everywhere. As if by raising your level of knowledge and your ability to think, it suddenly became clear to you that these politicians only serve to encourage anger and divide people.

The idol of many Quebecers

Quebec society is far from American society in many respects, and it shows.

Why, then, do so many Quebecers continue to praise the former president as if he were a Nobel laureate in economics?

The man treated women as commodities, made many illegal workers work in inhumane conditions, and many of his companies declared bankruptcy with a total value of about $2 billion, yet there are still those who sing his praises and howl at the genius.

Does not make sense

Even being accused of participating in a criminal association, even being the first boss to be accused of being insulted, is admirable.

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The only reason Trump is called a genius is because he surrounds himself with worshipers dumber than he is.