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Legal dispute to edit the phrase “Taco Tuesday”

Legal dispute to edit the phrase “Taco Tuesday”

Fast food company Taco Bell has embarked on a legal battle to try to free the phrase “Taco Tuesday” from a competitor.

“No one should have exclusive rights to a common phrase,” fast-food chain Taco Bell said Tuesday in a petition filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office, CNN reported.

Currently, use of the catchphrase “Taco Tuesday” can result in legal action or angry letters from Taco John’s, which owns the rights to the phrase first marketed in the 1980s.

Initially, the marketing operation was intended to boost taco sales on the quietest day of the week, offering two tacos for just 99 cents, branded “Taco Tuesday,” US media reported.

Since 1989, Taco John’s has owned the rights to the ferry, which became “Taco Tuesday,” and has reportedly been unabashed on several occasions to defend its ownership tooth and nail.

We acknowledge this unauthorized use [de Taco Tuesday] Prolific, and we do everything we can to communicate ownership,” former Taco John Bailey marketing director Joe Waara reportedly said in 2016.

For Taco Bell, it’s clear that the phrase, which has become popular over time, “should be freely available to those who make, sell, eat, and celebrate tacos,” according to CNN.

Maggie Mettler, Chief Legal Officer, Yum!

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