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Does this number increase my weight?

Does this number increase my weight?

Causation seems doubtful, but since it was really the subject Of faith among the players– The one with a smaller number It will look like Insomnia – Researchers from the University of California Department of Psychology chose to test the whole thing twice, with two groups of participants.

Each time, the result is the same: soccer players with a high number – between 80 and 89, in the first experiment – were, on average, perceived as larger than those with a lower number – between 10 and 19. Two pictures of the same player wearing a different jersey, but the same number, not realizing it was the same player, but left with the impression he was older.

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In the second experiment, where all four researchers saw the same effect, they chose numbers whose numbers were simply reversed: 17 and 71, or 19 and 91.

If their observation is verified in other experiments, it could be one of those shortcuts our brain uses regularly when it comes to categorizing new information. And in this case, even if there is no sense. We will unconsciously form an association Between the number that the player carries in the back, and its length.

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