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Doctors go on strike again

Doctors go on strike again

DThousands of doctors begin a five-day strike on Thursday to demand a pay rise amid a cost-of-living crisis. “Junior doctors”, close to practitioners in France, are launching a new strike simultaneously from 7am on Thursday until Tuesday. According to the BMA (British Medical Association) trade union, it is their longest continuous mobilization in the history of the NHS, the British public health service which recently celebrated its 75th anniversary.

In the United Kingdom, ‘junior doctors’ represent half of hospital doctors, ranging from young doctors out of university to practitioners with more than eight years’ experience. They increased the number of strikes In recent months, this has led to the postponement of many non-urgent appointments.Read more Establishing Doctors: In Germany, the strictest system in the world

BMA officials Robert Laurenson and Vivek Trivedi said Thursday ‘marks the start of the longest doctors’ strike in NHS history’. The Scottish government offered a new offer, saying “if the British government follows suit we can call off this strike”, leading to the suspension of the movement. The government’s “absolute inflexibility” is “confusing” and “ultimately devastating for those who want waiting lists reduced”. As NHS staff increases “, they added.

“Major disruptions” are planned

When it was announced at the end of June, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Health found the new strike “extremely disappointing”, arguing that “this five-day strike will cause great disruption to patients and put pressure on other categories”. NHS staff. The government believes the strikes should be suspended pending negotiations and has said it is “ready to resume discussions if the strike is withdrawn” and if the strikers walk away from their “unreasonable wage demands”.Read more “Doctors in hospitals should do more on-call duty”

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The BMA union says junior doctors have lost 26% in real pay since austerity packages were imposed on the health service in 2008. The union is demanding a 35% wage hike, which the government opposes.