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Do not retreat from French |  The OQLF defends its study

Do not retreat from French | The OQLF defends its study

The Quebec Office of the French Language (OQLF) defends its study of the decline of the French language in Quebec, but admits that the survey does not depict the province's current reality.

The study found that 79% of Quebecers used French most often in 2022, the year the survey was conducted. This percentage was the same in 2016 and 2007.

The OQLF recognized that the picture of Quebec painted by the study does not align with current social and demographic realities, in a press release issued Friday, explaining that “conducting such a study requires significant resources and extends over two to three years.” .

Because the optimistic results of the study go against the grain. In 2021, two OQLF studies It documented a significant decline in French as the language of use in Quebec. According to one of them, one in two Quebecers uses English or a language other than French at work.

“It is clear that current social and demographic realities will be taken into account in the discussions that will inform the office's upcoming research programming,” OQLF said in its press release.

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