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Discover Cordyceps, this mushroom made famous by The Last of Us series

Discover Cordyceps, this mushroom made famous by The Last of Us series

The fungus is called Ophiocordyceps Uniliteris. It is found in the tropical forests of Thailand, Africa and Brazil. For tens of millions of years, insects have infested and private Ants.

Its technology is unstoppable, as the fungus releases reproductive cells into the air called mycelial spores. The spores will land on the ant's back and creep into its body. The poor ant will not notice anything and will continue its life in its colony as if nothing had happened.

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The fungus grows inside the ant

Within a few days, the parasite carefully takes control of its host. Its grip extends from the insect's nervous system to its muscles. Which made him act very strange.

The ant sleeps for a while and stops working. Like a zombie, you will move away from the rest of the group in search of a bright, moist place suitable for parasitic spores to grow. Once the destination is reached, it is time for the parasite to eliminate its victim, who clings to a leaf and lets itself die.

The parasite continues to grow inside and eventually penetrates the animal's carcass. Then it takes the form of a mushroom. In turn, the spores will be released throughout the forest to infect other insects.

The story will follow Repeats.

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