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Dilapidated building: Chocolats Favoris temporarily closed in Old Lévis

Dilapidated building: Chocolats Favoris temporarily closed in Old Lévis

The Chocolats Favoris branch on Rue Bégin in Old Lévis will close its doors on a precautionary basis due to the dilapidated condition of the building. The new studies raise security issues.

“The safety of our employees and our customers is a priority. In that sense we make all our decisions.” said this morning, Charles Auger, Vice President of Corporate Development.

In view of the new experience, the activities of the Chocolate Factory will be suspended until the branch is established in the Miscéo area, opposite the Convention Centre. Opening is scheduled for early November.

So customers in this segment will be deprived for about six weeks of the oldest store in the chocolate chain.

Love Affair with Levis

The company was founded in 1979 in Luzon before moving to Beijing Street in Levis in 1996. The owners have been in the current building since 2012.

Leaders ensure that maintaining operations at Levis is central to the entire team.

“Lévis is part of the same company culture. With all the experience available, we will be able to make the right decisions. Ultimately, our ambition is to remain at Old Levis, at the same address. As a native and resident of Levis, I make this my mission.” Charles Auger Promises.

Key Interventions

At the beginning of the month, employees of the chocolate factory in Vieux-Lévis learned that they would move to the temporary branch in the Miscéo region in November, due to major works to be planned at the rue Bégin site.

At the time, the company’s management was not aware of the need to make major interventions.

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We were expecting new studies, including one from a company that specializes in restoring ancestral buildings. Today, we are faced with information that we do not like at all,” the vice president recalls.

The building on Beijing Street was acquired by the current management in 2012. Over the years, large amounts of money have been invested in maintenance and repairs.

“However, we have to admit that the building has serious water leakage problems,” we explain.

Chocolats Favoris currently has 59 chocolate stores in three Canadian provinces.