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Digital sobriety is at the heart of the discussions at the Fourteenth Consultation Table

Digital sobriety is at the heart of the discussions at the Fourteenth Consultation Table

In an increasingly connected world, our digital habits and screen time are changing rapidly. Digital transformation offers many benefits, but it also brings challenges. How can we adopt responsible digital practices and effectively guide young people to reduce impacts on the environment and physical and mental health?

Questions that speakers and participants at this 14th meeting sought to answer by exploring concrete strategies to balance our use of digital technologies while preserving our individual and collective well-being.

Digital sobriety: what is it and how to fix it?

The first point of discussion, which brought together about thirty participants, involved laying the foundations and defining the term digital sobriety.

For Jay DeRosier, CEO of Capsana (the organization behind the initiative), that implies “moderate use, which is an idea that varies from person to person.” » However, in our time, it has become difficult to moderate our usage due to the increasing number of entertainment applications.

Three points are recommended to avoid excessive consumption:

  • Understand the nature of the content you are viewing;
  • Maintain a conscious balance: with whom and when do we consult this content? ;
  • Regulate your consumption: Eating for more than 4 hours can have adverse effects on mental and eye health, etc.

For Daria Marchenko, founder of the Masters in Social Impact Project Ecoist Club, digital sobriety highlights a lower carbon footprint, which amounts to 4% per year. To reduce these environmental impacts, users are encouraged to adopt ideas focused on shared responsible consumption. In order to raise awareness among young people, an educational approach and encouraging a more conscious use of technologies will be one of the keys.

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Time is also an important concept in understanding the transition to digital sobriety. This is what Julie Aprile, RCIT National Service Educational Advisor, explains to us: “Investing time in our actions leads to better adaptability. Thus, by taking the time to explain and understand the implications of digital sobriety, we encourage clear adoption, especially among younger audiences.

Supporting young people towards good practices to reduce impacts on the environment and physical and mental health

According to a survey conducted by Guy Derosier’s team, 40% of young people notice a change in their sleep due to screens. Reason: excessive use and time spent with them. For him, it is necessary to develop a reference guide of good practices. The goal is to help the population, especially young people, find a balance between online life and real physical activities.

Daria Marchenko goes further by talking about physical and personality changes. According to her, education is one of the keys to clarify the need for moderate digital practice. She then talks about the idea of ​​the “right to disconnect” which can be crucial.

In the second part of the meeting, a collaborative workshop was organized to exchange ways of working to raise awareness among young people about the importance of digital sobriety:

  • Take the right to disconnect more seriously;
  • Gather resources to offer alternatives to screen time;
  • Integrating the idea of ​​digital sobriety into learning in a fun way.
  • Ask and prepare yourself with your digital consumption as parents and/or teachers;
  • Collectively, reach consensus on how to address digital sobriety among young people, with a caring approach.
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To sum it up, education is one of the major keys for young people to adopt responsible behavior and move towards digital sobriety. It is therefore necessary for public authorities, large companies and parents to have a role in this regard. Preparing the new generation for responsible digital technology

There are outils with dj positive impacts on the computer network, the instar of the activation «Donnes»-moi of oxygen, which invites people to join the computer network to move through the concepts of Study programme. Daria Marchenko says it is necessary to “invest in awareness campaigns and public resources to promote the responsible use of digital technology.” These educational initiatives highlight the importance of preparing the new generation of responsible digital practices.

there he meets Highlight the urgent need to put digital sobriety at the center of our collective concerns. In the face of an increasingly connected society, discussions highlighted the importance of understanding and adopting responsible digital practices to preserve our individual and collective well-being.