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Different symptoms in people who have been vaccinated

Different symptoms in people who have been vaccinated

We can’t remember it enough. No matter which vaccine you used, it will not 100% protect you from infection with Covid-19. We are not only sure yet of the exact rate of effectiveness of the injection, but more importantly it may vary from person to person.

It is also added that “the purpose of the covid vaccination is to protect dangerous forms. It is in no way intended to stop gestures of barrier, as Thomas Kassab, our pharmacologist has warned us. So we can very well Contracting Covid after vaccinationHowever, vaccination will make it possible to make a lower form of Covid.”

A new study conducted by the ZOE COVID Symptom Study in the UK has successfully identified symptoms most often reported in people who became infected after one or two doses of the vaccine. The app could have been launched with the scientific analysis provided by King’s College London. What symptoms of Covid seem to affect people who have been vaccinated? We review them in our slideshow.

COVID-19: ‘Vaccinated people recover faster’

At the start of the epidemic, authorities alerted residents to loss of taste and/or smell, fever, shortness of breath and coughing. In fact, these symptoms are frequently observed in case of contamination with Covid-19. However, it turns out that people who contract the virus after vaccination show somewhat different signs of infection.

Fewer symptoms have been reported […] In those who have already received an injection, which indicates that they are less dangerous and recover more quickly,” the scientists emphasized.

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More evidence that leads us to understand that vaccination protects against severe forms of Covid-19.