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Opening of a coffee 'basement space' in Montcalm |  business |  the sun

Opening of a coffee ‘basement space’ in Montcalm | business | the sun

“For us it was a logical continuation of our expansion, having hesitated for a long time between Montcalm and Limoilou to open the initial concept. […] We took the opportunity and are thrilled to extend this concept to Upper Town,” explains Karen Lesage, co-owner of Société des Cafés with her husband, Jonathan Parent.

Including the Société des Cafés, there are six cafés on Cartier Avenue. Despite their presence, Jonathan Parent feels no competition because Société des Cafés does not offer or order table service.

“What sets us apart from what is done in the sector is that we sell specialty coffees,” said Mr. Parent, who also sells specialty accessories. However, he adds, Café Waves also offers third wave coffee, in addition to their coffee service.

“We’re not saying that coffees that aren’t special aren’t good,” he says. “They’re different and that’s a different approach. We’re kind of like a coffee shop.”

Specialty coffee, also called third wave coffee, is coffee that has been rated between 80 and 100 by a coffee expert, just like a sommelier for wine. Additionally, traceability, ethics, and organic certification as well as the promotion of Terroir and Farms are in the standards for this type of coffee, according to the co-owner.

The company’s thinking is the antithesis of traditional coffee. “Even if the coffee shop also sells bags for home consumption, they usually have very little time for customers,” Barnett says.

He himself has been a frequent customer of coffee shops when working digital, he has mentioned that it can be intimidating to go and steal time from employees to question them. Cafes are often very crowded. The line can get long and the coffee maker needs to prepare orders ASAP.

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