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Despite his inactivity, Josh Anderson is not about to be cut from the lineup

Despite his inactivity, Josh Anderson is not about to be cut from the lineup

Josh Anderson’s lethargy is a topic that keeps popping up in Canadian news. After 29 matches, the striker has scored just one goal. Empty goal. Since his job is partly to move the ropes, we have every right to wonder if Martin St. Louis would consider letting him get some fresh air on the bridge.

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He replied: “No.” The day a player gives up on himself, is the time a coach can decide to let him go and cast him aside. This is not the case for Josh. “In terms of behaviour, work ethic and commitment, he is there.”

Right now, Anderson’s only rank decline is from the first wave of the massive attack to the second wave.

“I have great respect for Martin as a coach. He played a lot of games in the NHL. For him to continue to use me like that shows he still has confidence in me, and what I do,” Anderson said, looking very grateful.

Party support

Moreover, even among supporters, the above qualities are highly valued. You had to see and hear it on Wednesday night, when St. Louis scheduled No. 17 to start on the 12thH And the final round of penalty kicks. Seeing him against Alex Nedeljkovic would have been a great story.

In living memory, never has a Canadian player so lethargic had so much support from the public. In fact, we have often witnessed the opposite phenomenon.

“It means a lot to me to see them supporting me like that,” Anderson said, the day after the 4-3 loss. “I definitely wish the ending had been different, but hearing them cheering me on like that was great.” Really cool.”

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“Montreal is an exceptional place to play hockey. Even more so when things are going well. But seeing the support the team and players receive is heartwarming.”

A roll of toilet paper

Receiving such love and support sure feels good. Because, as in any workplace, when things go wrong, we think about it all the way home.

“Very difficult. In the beginning, I watched sequences, I watched the matches. For some time now, I was trying to give up more,” he said. “But when I come to the rink, I keep working every day, shooting pucks and telling myself that eventually, it will go into the net.” .

He continued: “Every day, you wonder whether you will emerge from this hibernation, and whether you will end up scoring.” At the same time, I try to contribute in other ways by maintaining my style of play, and continue to give my best every day.

In short, the giant’s confidence suffers. As happens in these cases, the snowball effect that follows makes the situation worse.

The Canadian coach explained: “When your confidence level is low, you see the match as if you were looking through a roll of toilet paper.” Conversely, when you are full of confidence, you will feel like you have eyes in the back of your head. Moving from one level to another does not happen by snapping your fingers.”

This is done by scoring goals. This is what we wish for him.