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“December 23”: The most beautiful day and the most beautiful song

“December 23”: The most beautiful day and the most beautiful song

Perhaps it is not without reason that Beau Dommage, one of the groups that has best captured Quebecois soul in the history of our song since the Quiet Revolution, named their famous Christmas song December 23.

because December 23 It marks the beginning of the holiday season.


It's not the beginning of the banquets yet, but it is a day that heralds rejoicing that will leave us more breathless than relieved.

In simpler terms, it is the day before Christmas Eve.

The twenty-third day still belongs to the time of work and friendship, while the twenty-fourth day announces the time of the family, which struggles more and more to find itself today, in a world in which it struggles to regain its rights, and where it is torn apart more often than ever before. we would like.

It's a time of year we can't live without.

For several weeks, we have been hearing Christmas music on the radio and in stores, which reminds us of the Christian origins of our civilization, and which reminds us that this holiday is not just a holiday of unbridled consumption.

I am convinced that very few of them can resist the charm of A Midnight, Christians majestic.

On the 24th, we will be pleased to celebrate under the slogan of tradition. Holiday meals aren't always the best, but they're always comforting. They remind us of childhood. They bring memories into consciousness.


For my part, December 23 also represents an opportunity to listen repeatedly December 23 Shame. There I find the simplicity of the people of Quebec, their smiles and smiles. I find there the joy of their life and, at the same time, their little sadness.

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Happy December 23, dear friends. Above all, Merry Christmas.