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Paid errors "cash" - TVA Sports

Paid errors “cash” – TVA Sports

The Canadian lost again. At least this time he wasn’t downgraded. With more luck and expediency, he might have had a better fate.

“The score does not reflect the pace of the match. We were rivals, it was a close match. They made us pay for our mistakes, which we failed to do. We had two breakthroughs, and in the first half, we missed the net a lot.”

– Dominique Ducharme

It is clear that with only four goals in five matches, the level of confidence is not the highest. Frustration begins to gain forces. Brendan Gallagher has been seen smashing his wand while returning to the bench.

“It is a team game. When the team succeeds, everyone knows it and everyone starts having fun. There is no fun in losing all those games.”

– Nick Suzuki

As if the Canadian hadn’t had enough trouble finding the back net, officials dismissed one for Gallagher, believing that he had hindered Frederick Andersen’s work.

“He didn’t have the skates in the blue part, but another part of his body was there. Is he touching the guard’s glove? It’s the kind of decision that could go either way. This time, he didn’t go from ours.”

– Dominique Ducharme

Tyler Toffoli was the only Canadian scorer. He added his name to Jonathan Drouin’s shortlist of strikers who have moved the strings since the start of the season.

“We got some good chances, created momentum. The situation we find ourselves in is very frustrating. We have to find a way out for ourselves. We have to play for 60 minutes.”

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– Tyler Toffoli

Ducharme’s press briefing is available in the main video. Watch these from Tyler Toffoli, Josh Anderson, and Nick Suzuki in the video below.

Press Briefings by Tyler Toffoli, Josh Anderson and Nick Suzuki –