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David Itedge gets it by Alan Walsh

David Itedge gets it by Alan Walsh

You know as I do, Alan Walsh doesn’t have a tongue in his pocket. A player agent is not afraid to use Twitter to defend his clients who are under attack.

Example #1 that comes to mind? Marc-Andre Fleury, of course.

(Credit: Twitter / screenshot)

But what example #2 will come to mind from now on? Jonathan Drouin.

Let me tell you the story of what just happened.

We all remember what David Itdaki said about Darwin, right? When he said there was some information he couldn’t reveal In a text where he did not include Jonathan Drouin in the starting lineup?

Remember that, right?

Alan Walsh is also Jonathan Drouin’s agent.

The latter retweeted a post by David Ettedgui calling it a disgrace to those who share it Bullshit on Darwin. He adds that he is not an agent but an enemy of the players.

In the comments, fans praised what Walsh posted when he defended his client.

Will there be a sequel?


An hour ago, Alan Walsh posted a video of Jonathan Drouin on the ice.

Yes, he has a message to pass on.

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