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COVID Vaccines Recommended Again

COVID Vaccines Recommended Again

The Quebec Immunization Commission is recommending a new vaccination campaign this fall.

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This incentive is mainly aimed at people at risk, in order to avoid the number of hospitalizations.

“It is still reasonable to see a good increase in the spread of COVID this fall,” explains Dr. Nicholas Brusso, INSPQ’s medical advisor.

To do this, no matter how many vaccinations or booster doses they have received, the important thing is to respect an interval of at least three months between two doses.

“We are much less protected than omicron and its derivatives,” adds Benoit Barbeau, a professor in UQAM’s Department of Biological Sciences.

Another incentive campaign was launched by INSPQ with the aim of protecting against influenza.

They are ordering more doses than usual in order to meet the demand.

“The influenza virus is already beginning to spread more actively,” Benoit Barbeau notes.

The Department of Health and Social Services says it has received the recommendations and is preparing accordingly, which means that by the end of the summer we can start vaccinating priority population groups.

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