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COVID-19: Global vaccination record in a huge Toronto clinic

COVID-19: Global vaccination record in a huge Toronto clinic

Without being able to admire the exploits of the Maple Leafs in the series, Torontonians were invited in droves on Sunday to Scotiabank Arena and in the late afternoon broke the North American record or even the world vaccination record.

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A massive immunization clinic, which vaccinated nearly 25,000 people, has been set up in the heart of the plaza as the snow that saw foliage decimated by the Montreal Canadiens on May 31 faded. Its place is in hundreds of vaccination tables.

Toronto Mayor John Tory said more than 800 volunteers and more than 400 people are participating in mass vaccination efforts as part of Toronto’s Immunization Day, which aims to mobilize residents.

The city said more than 6,000 doses had already been administered around 12:30 p.m. Torontonians continued to pop up at the center in the afternoon, breaking the North American record, if not the world record for the number of doses given to a single location in a single day.

“In this way…with 17,004 COVID-19 vaccines administered in Scotiabank Yard thus far, the North American record for immunizations given in a single day, in a single clinic, has been broken,” the city of Toronto said. Her Twitter account around 5pm

Toronto City Council Public Health Officer Joe Creasy said on Twitter Saturday that the world record for the number of doses given was by the clinic set up at Motor Speedway in Texas with 1,703 vaccines.

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And vaccination did not stop there, as the public health official confirmed shortly after 8:30 pm that the target of 25,000 doses had been reached.

“25,000 Toronto residents came forward today to protect themselves, their families and their city. It’s an amazing achievement. Thanks Toronto, but we’re not done yet,” Chrissy said on Twitter.

Wanting to lead by example, Mayor Tory also received his second dose on Sunday morning.

“I am very grateful to the more than 1,500 people who helped prepare for Toronto Vaccination Day,” the mayor said.

In order to encourage residents to get more involved, public transit services in the Canadian capital have offered their services free of charge to people who were to get vaccinated on Sunday.

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