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COVID-19: Fewer Doors for Little Monsters on Halloween

COVID-19: Fewer Doors for Little Monsters on Halloween

The number of monsters, wizards and other superheroes who will invade the streets on Sunday to collect the rewards will be the usual number, but they may run into many closed doors, particularly in Quebec.

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At least that’s what emerged from a Léger poll, unveiled Tuesday, which shows that barely 29% of Quebecers intend to hand out sweets on Halloween.

That’s a starvation rate compared to the Canadian average of 44% of people intending to donate candy, which goes to over 50% in the Prairies and 60% in the Atlantic provinces.

Conversely, 35% of Quebecers indicated that they did not intend to distribute candy this year, possibly due to the epidemic, while 36% confirmed that they never distributed candy.

On average, 28% of Canadians intend to ignore the distribution of sweets this year, while 28% say they never give them.

Listen to Martino-Dautrezac’s interview with Richard Martineau and Benoit Dutrezac on QUB Radio:

Despite their lack of enthusiasm for the idea of ​​making children happy, they must be quite a lot on the streets of Quebec cities.

In fact, the investigation showed that 98% of Quebec parents who let their kids spend Halloween last year plan to do the same this year, despite the still raging pandemic. That rate drops to 88% in Ontario, compared to an average of 93% across Canada.

The survey, conducted by Leger on behalf of the Canadian Studies Association, is based on responses from a web-based panel of 1,512 Canadian adults. It was carried out from 22 to 24 October.

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