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Two residential towers in the Longueuil metro sector

Two residential towers in the Longueuil metro sector

Longueuil will build a file New city center In the vicinity surrounds the entrance to the metro. The bridge will be enclosed between the Jacques-Cartier Bridge and Route 132. Palisades have been erected around Place Charles-Lemoyne.

Longueill residents will first see the construction of a 26-storey apartment tower in the P2 car park, then another 30-storey building above the metro entrance.

Access to the Longueuil metro will be redeveloped according to the progress of the site, but the city is reassured.

The bus will go to the port in the same way and access to the metro will be maintained at all times.

Quote from:Hans Brouillette, city spokesperson

The city understands that this is a huge construction site, where we will see many convoys of trucks. Traffic obstructions are expected with their share of noise and dust.

Transformation of this magnitude, it is impossible to do it successfully without inconveniencessays company spokesman Hans Brouillette.

Work on the first phase will continue until 2025. This will be followed by a second phase with two more rounds.

At the end of the project, about 1,600 new housing units will be built in this sector, three metro stops from downtown Montreal.

From a report by Marc Ferrault

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