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A major outage in the water system affects the water flow in Port-Quartier

A major outage in the water system affects the water flow in Port-Quartier

The citizens of Port-Quartier should limit their water consumption as much as possible due to the major outage in the water system that occurred on Tuesday morning which seriously affects the flow of water.

Despite efforts by municipal employees, the leak was not identified on Tuesday evening.

“They combed the city with a fine toothbrush and did not find it,” notes the mayor of Port-Cartier, Alain Thibault.

The leak causes 400 cubic meters of water to flow per hour at the outlet of the Port-Cartier water treatment plant. This flow corresponds to three times the water consumption in normal times and twice the water consumption in peak periods.

The water pressure in the dwellings is lower than normal. The situation is alarming, but it is under control.

Municipal authorities are asking citizens to limit water consumption to a strict minimum to avoid service interruptions. Citizens are also encouraged to pay attention to the return of water on the ground or in the streets that would allow municipal officials to find the leak.

The Port-Cartier Fire Department is on standby.

The low flow of the water system may hinder the work of firefighters in the event of a fire.

In the event of a problem, the fire department of ArcelorMittal or the fire department of Sept-les can be called for help.

Meanwhile, Port-Cartier Fire Department Director Daniel Lamarie has made sure that water levels for pump trucks and tanks are at their maximum.