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Consensus about my past begins to crack

Consensus about my past begins to crack

Almost a month after Algeria failed to qualify for the 2022 World Cup, the coach Jamal Belmadi He has not yet decided whether or not he will remain in the technical leadership of the Greens.

This decisiveness is starting to cause concern, especially since the national team is invited to start the qualifiers for the African Cup of Nations 2023 in less than 40 days.

Legally, Belmadi still exists mailHis contract will not expire until December. But neither he nor the Algerian Football Federation leaders have said whether he will complete his contract or not.

The question would not have arisen if this bitter elimination from the World Cup had not occurred after the defeat to Cameroon on March 29th in Blida.

And then the contract ends in the middle of the CAN qualifiers, so it would be better if the campaign and the final stage are led by the same coach, Belmadi or another.

In a press conference after the final whistle against Cameroon on March 29, the national coach only indicated that he bears responsibility for the failure.

He avoided making a decision quickly, but the time it takes to make a decision is getting longer, and no party, the Algerian Football Federation at the fore, is able to educate the public on this issue.

Voices began asking Djamel Belmadi to answer as soon as possible. Hafid Darraji, the famous Algerian commentator for Bein Sport, believes the Greens coach should decide as soon as possible, even if only out of gratitude for the Algerians’ attitude towards him.

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“If he decides to leave, he should announce it quickly.”

“Belmadi is in an unenviable position, but he remains a fortunate coach compared to his predecessors because he still enjoys the support of officials, the public and the media despite the double failures in the African Cup of Nations and the World Cup, which the other coaches of the Greens have enjoyed. Hafeez Al-Darraji blew up in a newspaper column The New Arab.

And the famous Algerian commentator on beIN Sports believes that “as a sign of gratitude, he should make his decision now because it will be in the interest of the national team and Jamal Belmed, whatever the decision.”

The commentator also believes that if Belmadi decides to leave, he should announce it as soon as possible to highlight the president of the federation so that he can appoint a temporary coach.

Hafeez Al-Darraji stresses that “the national team must continue to exist with or without Djamel Belmadi and not be a hostage to anyone.” Expressing his personal opinion on the possibility of the coach continuing, the journalist believes that “it seems difficult in the current context” but remains a “reasonable” possibility.

An earlier commentator’s column was interpreted as an “attack” on Belmadi, but Al-Daraji defended himself against it. But the general consensus around Bemade is beginning to erode.

The pressure should mount even more on the national coach in the coming days as the start of the CAN qualifiers approaches. Belmadi’s situation is complicated by what is happening in the Algerian Football Federation (FAF), which is expected to have a new president and a new board of directors next June.

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Some explain the wait-and-see attitude of the Greens coach by his interest in knowing who the new leaders of the FAF will be before making a decision. However, time is running out and the deadlines for the national team are fast approaching.