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Computer Crash: The Laurentian boss is shown the door

Computer Crash: The Laurentian boss is shown the door

Laurentian Bank is cleaning up its senior management in the wake of last week’s major computer outage. In a press release published early in the morning, the Montreal Financial Corporation announced that Rania Llewellyn will leave her position as President and CEO and will be replaced by Eric Provost.

Board Chairman Michael Müller is also stepping down. He was replaced by Michael Boychuk.

These appointments become effective immediatelythe specified financial institution.

The priority of M. Provost, who is the new president and chef of the Bank’s direction, will restore the trust with the Bank’s clients and treat the consequences of the central system pane that is the best product. last weekhas been clarified.

The outage that occurred during system maintenance operations last September 24 caused the institution’s customers and partners to be deprived of online banking services for approximately a week, in addition to the disruptions associated with the gradual resumption of operations.

Although customers could still transact via debit or credit card or withdraw money from ATMs, they were unable to conduct online transactions including transfers and bill payments. This is for about a week.

Rania Llewellyn, the former president and CEO, who was swept away by this crisis, had been at the helm of the bank since 2020. She was the first woman to lead this financial institution.

His successor, Eric Provost, has been with Laurentian for about ten years. He was recently appointed Head of the Personal and Commercial Banking Group before being given the helm.

Eric is the ideal executive to lead the bank at this critical stage of its development. […] We have been experiencing difficulties recently and the Board of Directors is convinced that Eric will be able to refocus the organization on customer experience and operational efficiency confirms Michael Boychuk, who succeeds Michael Müller as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the financial institution.

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Prior to becoming Chairman of the Board, Mr. Boychuk served as Chairman of the Audit Committee of Laurentian Bank.

More details to come