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Compulsion’s latest functionality includes revealing an upcoming game –

Three years ago, it was Xbox chief Phil Spencer has been questioned On the undisclosed title from a first party studio that was very excited to be seen by the public. Spencer had two games in mind, the first being Compulsion’s next attempt Midnight Project.

Compulsion was acquired by Microsoft in 2018, but since We Happy Few (and its DLC) was released that same year, we haven’t really heard what they’re doing next. What we do know, however, is that the studio has doubled in size Over the past two years, and now it appears that the disclosure may happen next month.

like Idle Sloth noticed it on TwitterCompulsion Games has appointed a Director of Branding and Communications I am looking for a community manager. These two situations aren’t usually related to the actual game production, but to their marketing – something you need when a reveal is so close and you need staff to ramp up your titles.

While not a confirmation for sure, it looks like we’ll see Phil Spencer’s favorite project at Xbox Games Showcase 2023. June 11th.

Image of We are happy few.

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