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The B’OTI Connected Assistant helps people with Alzheimer’s disease

The project won the Connected Universe award this weekend by providing a practical link between a person and their caregiver.

Sure, connected health is on the rise. On the occasion of the Paris exhibition, the Lépine competition rewards many innovations every year. This year, the Connected Universe award went to the B’OTI project. B’OTI has already won several innovation competitions and was developed by students from Georges Brassens middle school in Esvres (Indre-et-Loire) with the help of technology teacher Philippe Jesset.

A set of personal assistance tools

B’OTI presents itself as a personal assistance app – specifically for Alzheimer’s patients – based on voice recognition. By offering a multitude of functions to assist and reassure these people, B’OTI also makes it possible to ease the caregiver’s workload.

Among these functions: warn a loved one and send their location in the event of a fall, reassure the person when the caregiver is not present, memorize a shopping list or even automatically tell the person to go back to bed if they wake up in the middle of the night. of patients.

Not just for the elderly

If there are several posts intended for elderly people with memory problems, others can also be useful at any age. A B’OTI can, for example, give out the spelling of a word in a font to match dyslexic people, help dyslexic people with math or even get information and reminders when you need to take medication.

The application is not yet available, but these lights from Concours Lépine on B’OTI are a great bonus and a fresh source of motivation for these young inventors.

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