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Companies contribute to the decline in US cases

Companies contribute to the decline in US cases

After the mandatory vaccination of health workers, many companies are following suit in the United States.

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“Companies are mandating more and more vaccinations because they know that, first, they are a guarantee of health security for their customers, but they also ensure that their employees don’t get sick because they know that when their employees get sick, they do,” says Dr. Julian J. Kavanagh, associate professor of neurology at Emory University Hospital. You lose money.”

According to this doctor, vaccination has helped significantly in the decline in cases in the United States over the past few days, but it does not explain all of the decline.

“There is likely to be a change of situation when the virus comes in waves, people use the mask more, bring back social distancing, then local governments bring back the public health measures, so that’s all of this. Factors that explain the arrival of the virus like this and it’s rising very quickly and decreasing ‘ says the doctor.

Although the number of COVID-19 cases has fallen by almost half, the number of daily deaths from this virus is still very high.

We are still 1,500 dead. Throughout the entire month of October, I believe we will cross 40,000 deaths in just one month, in October 2021,” Kavanaugh reports.

On the other hand, according to Dr. Kavanaugh, compulsory vaccination among other things among health workers is clear.

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“It will be for health care personnel first, which is very positive. When we are health personnel, it is our duty to vaccinate ourselves and protect our patients and colleagues, but this will also extend to federal workers,” the doctor says.

Hear Julien J. Cavanagh’s full interview in the video above.