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The Science: SOHECO wants to reduce snakebite deaths

The Educated Society of Herpetology of the Congo (SOHECO), registered with the Ministry of the Interior, released its official publication on April 30th in Brazzaville on the topic: “Herpetology and Amphibians at the Service of Scientific Research”. According to the head of this educated community, Dr.Angi Ghislane Zacei Polo, herpetology is a branch of natural history that deals with reptiles, particularly turtles, crocodiles, lizards, snakes, amphibians, sphenodons and amphibians such as frogs, frogs, and ox. And salamanders and newts.

The structure was created with the aim of reducing the high mortality rate due to snakebite, and showing the environmental role on the environment because reptiles and amphibians play an important environmental role, they are biological indicators of the state of environmental degradation. SOHECO’s business focuses on biodiversity and the conservation of Herpetofauna with a better knowledge of systemic systems, ecology and biology. There is also the venom that revolves around the epidemiology of snakebite, the chemistry of toxins through the domestication of venomous snakes, and the training of health workers to improve the care of victims.

In addition, SOHECO will bring together all natural or legal persons who engage in activity in the various fields of reptilian science and encourage exchange between them, encourage its members to be more enthusiastic in scientific production, disseminate all scientific information related to discipline, and improve and encourage discipline practice on the homeland.

SOHECO is chaired by Dr. Zassi Polo with the Vice President, Mr. Steve Vasili Misambo Mandelo as Secretary General, Mr. Rock Alan Ngoma Mukinjo and Cliff Chancelle Bozumi Golum as Treasurer and an Honorary Members Office chaired by the Minister of Science. Research and Technology Innovation Martin Parfait Aimé Coussoud-Mavoungou.

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Minister Csoud Mafungu proposed the idea of ​​establishing SOHECO for the first time with Professor Catherine Jackson of Whitman University, Walla College in the United States of America and Mrs. Anne Marie Ohler, Professor-holder of the Natural History Museum of Paris. .