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Claude Meunier on Serge Thériault: “He found a kind of peace”

Claude Meunier on Serge Thériault: “He found a kind of peace”

On 24 December, Claude Meunier and Serge Thériault participated in a special radio program on ICI Première. This was the first time in twenty years that the old partners participated in an interview together. Claude Meunier could see that his friend was doing well. “He found a kind of peace, a kind of happiness, and a joy in being there,” he says.

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The two-hour special, hosted by Stephane Laporte, was called Snowflakes reunited!allowed many of Meunier and Theriault's friends, such as Marc Messier, Guillain Tremblay, and Michel Rivard, to pay tribute to the comedians.

“I was very surprised by the extent of the interview,” says Claude Meunier. Newspaper. There were a lot of surprises. We knew nothing at all. The guests were very generous. “It was very moving.”

What this interview came up with is how good Serge Theriault is. The famous Moman translator, who has withdrawn from the limelight for several years, made a name for himself by appearing briefly in the final episode of the new season of the series Small life. He also participated in a special presentation on Boys.

“He decided to surround himself well on a medical level,” says Claude. It looks better. But it's up to him to talk about it! I never liked talking about Serge's condition. I think it's up to him. But he looks pretty good these days. “It was fun to see that.”

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Friends for 50 years

The two friends started talking regularly again. “We have resumed a kind of communication that was less present because Serge no longer spoke to anyone,” says Claude. But he reconnected with everyone. This is a lot. “We've been friends for about 50 years.”

At the ICI Première show, Serge Theriault announced that he would like to return to the spotlight and that the public is not finished hearing about him yet. Does Claude Mounier see himself doing a project with him again?

“It's up to him to see what he wants to do,” he answers. There is no doubt that he has not lost his talent. I don't know what he wants to do, honestly. We didn't talk about it.”

Serge Theriault recently went into the studio with Claude Meunier to lend his voice to two songs from the western project La Famille Denuy. The two friends reworked songs from the era of Paul and Paul, Hello Huguet And It's Christmas For a future album.

Thériault can also join Meunier on stage to do a song or two. “But we are not here now. Nothing has been confirmed with any guest,” Claude explains.