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Christine Morency poses in a swimsuit on a beach in Cuba

Christine Morency poses in a swimsuit on a beach in Cuba

During spring break, many celebrities took advantage of the opportunity to take their kids off to spend a vacation with their families.

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However, the absence of offspring does not prevent you from enjoying a well-deserved vacation by booking a plane ticket to recharge your batteries under the Caribbean sun.

This is exactly what we decided to do Christine Morency Choosing Cuba as your sun destination!

While on this big island with gorgeous beaches, the comedian left Quebec with a friend to enjoy a short week on an all-inclusive package.

Although many advised the co-host to do so Exactly noon Being wary of the cuisine served in this type of hotel, she seemed to appreciate the Cuban delicacies, which pleasantly surprised her!


Through his Instagram account, Wednesday, March 6, the comedian is currently on tour with his first show titled beautyShe shared beautiful pictures of herself on a white sandy beach.

“My beach body needs to recharge its batteries in the sun!


I never dared to travel to Cuba, I should have come sooner!

The people are so nice, the food is really good (#UnBuffetCestUnBuffet) and it's honestly the most beautiful beach I've ever seen!

We wish him a wonderful vacation!

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