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Christian Dube promises big changes in the field of health

Christian Dube promises big changes in the field of health

Quebec emergencies record occupancy rates not seen in 5 years. However, the Minister of Health stressed that major changes will be coordinated to improve the health system.

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“What we are trying to do is very big,” Christian Dube said in an interview. It must be a success like the government companies that are a source of pride for Quebecers.

The names of the eleven members who will form a transitional committee were revealed on Thursday, and this new body will assume its duties tomorrow, which is a first step towards achieving these future results, which Minister Dubé promised.

Among those who will sit on this council we will find Dr. Gilbert Boucher who is also President of the Association of Specialists in Emergency Medicine of Quebec (ASMUQ).

The primary role of this new committee will be to determine the sequence for establishing the health agency. He must then support the next president and CEO, whose identity we still do not know.

Today, the Minister of Health stressed the importance of the changes that this body will bring about on the ground, while Quebecers struggle to get doctor appointments and face several hours of waiting when they arrive at the hospital.

Who will be the CEO of the health agency?

The call for the health agency's chief executive position will officially launch next week, but several names have already been put forward.

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It is possible that the next “leader” in health, as Mr. Dube calls it, will come from the public network, but also from the private sector.

Rumors circulating mentioned Natalie Baladichev and Michele Delamarre.

Ms. Paladychev has been President and CEO of Ivanhoé Cambridge since 2019. She is a member of the management committee of the Caisse de dépôt et dépôt du Québec (CDP Q) and has a long career in real estate.

For his part, Michel Delamar arrives from the health network. He was CEO of CIUSSS de la Capitale-Nationale from 2015 to 2022. He has worked in the health sector since 1981, and is currently Coordinator of Access to Care.

However, these rumors are unfounded as the call for applications will be officially launched next week for the position in mid-April.