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China: Chess champion expelled for rude behavior

China: Chess champion expelled for rude behavior

On Tuesday, the Chinese chess world was rocked by a loud scandal, after a title was withdrawn from a player due to his rude behavior amid allegations of cheating.

Xiangqi, which literally means “elephant chessboard” or Chinese chess, is very popular in Asia where its name varies depending on the country.

It is played using pawns, traditionally marked with symbols, and placed on the intersections of a grid board – not on squares unlike classical chess.

Yan Chenglong, 48, became China's Xiangke champion last week.

But his joy did not last long, as the Chinese Xiangke Association announced on Monday that he had been stripped of his title due to “inappropriate behavior” and “disruption of public order.”

After his victory on December 17, he said, “Mr. “Yan consumed alcohol in his hotel room with other people,” CXA said.

“Then the next day, he defecated in the bathtub in his room, damaging hotel property,” the union criticized in a press release denouncing behavior “contrary to public order and good morals.”

CXA said Yan Chenglong has been banned from competing for a year and all prizes he won this year will be forfeited.

Xiangqi tournaments in China generally promise rewards of up to several thousand euros for winners.

The federation was also forced to comment on cheating allegations against Yan Chenglong.

According to messages posted on social media, the player allegedly used smart anal beads to obtain game instructions transmitted via the computer through vibrations.

The Chinese Xiangke Federation confirmed: “It is impossible at this stage to confirm that Mr. Yan cheated through anal beads.”

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Last week, CXA praised the “astonishingly high level of play” in the tournament won by Yan Qinglong.

The now fallen hero then appeared in a photo proudly waving his trophy and award certificate.