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Chez Ashton series sold to owners of Ti-Oui

Chez Ashton series sold to owners of Ti-Oui

Chez Ashton’s chain of restaurants changes, but it will retain the flavor of Quebec. The company was sold to the co-owners of the Ti-Oui snack bar in Saint-Raymond Newspaper.

It has been a dream for several years. Today, it is the result of our last years of work where we never gave up. “We’ve really prepared,” said new partner Emily Adam, partner with her husband, Jean-Christophe Leret.

The duo of young entrepreneurs, ages 32 and 33, are working on this three-year deal with founder Ashton Leblond. But the epidemic came to play spoilers during the negotiations.

For new owners, the Chez Ashton brand is far from completely exotic.

In addition to product recognition, the duo developed a business plan specifically related to the acquisition of Chez Ashton as part of a college course, about ten years ago.

“It’s kind of crazy to think we’re here. It seems like we might have pictured it without even realizing it. […] There, Mister Leblond just gave us the opportunity of a lifetime,” Mister Lirett said with a smile.

The amount of the acquisition, which was backed by Desjardins Capital and loans from Fonds de Solidarité FTQ and CIBC, was not disclosed.

For support in this change of custody and in their growth plan, Ms. Adam and Mr. Lirett can count on Chez Ashton’s 25-year manager, Jean Côté, who is also part of the new shareholders.

Several offers

Chez Ashton’s management says it has received several bids in recent years, including some from restaurant conglomerates.

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It must be said that the founder, Mr. Leblond, never hid the fact that he had intended, for some time, to pass the torch.

However, his priority was to find people from here to take charge.

The businessman was not available for an interview yesterday. In a press release, he stated that he chose these entrepreneurs because they are from the region, they share his values ​​and have the company at their core.

Yesterday the deal for 23 restaurants of the chain that has gained a good reputation over the years with its famous restaurant was completed yesterday. Some of the 650 employees learned the news in the evening.

Over the next few months, the new administration does not expect any change in activities. It promises to maintain the head office in Quebec and continue to rely on local supply.

The “Famous Logo” is just new! Just real! ‘ replied Mr. Leerett.

“Local supply for us is one of the main fundamentals that must be respected,” he added.

growth plan

In the long term, the new presidents already have growth plans in mind.

They hope to open between two and three restaurants a year, as well as provide facelifts to existing locations.

Mrs. Adam and Mr. Lirette are also co-owners of the famous Ti-Oui store in Saint-Raymond. In 2018, during the election campaign, Prime Minister François Legault had a meal there.

They also own three Harvey restaurants in the greater Quebec City area.

in Ashton

  • 23 restaurants In Quebec, Lanciennes Lorette, Levis and Saint-Georges, in Buses
  • 650 employees
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1969: Opening of the first branch in Lancien Lorette

1972: Poutine appears in the list

1980: Opening of a second branch in Beauport

2022: Selling the series to Emily Adam and Jean-Christophe Leret