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Law students in hot water after party in Sherbrooke

Law students in hot water after party in Sherbrooke

Students from the University of Sherbrooke Law School found themselves in embarrassment on Wednesday after the publication of compromising photos.

The 2021-2022 Promotion Committee organized a Halloween party last weekend at a pub in Sherbrooke, but the sanitary rules, which still apply, were not respected.

Dancing, lack of physical distancing, not wearing a mask: Violations of sanitary rules were numerous.

At least that’s what the photos posted by the organizing committee on Wednesday afternoon on Facebook showed.

According to the rules in place, dancing in bars is prohibited and customers must have their drink while seated until November 14.

“It is a shame that the rules were not followed. The organizing committee took care of the recordings, but when it comes to enforcing sanitary measures within the pub, that is the responsibility of the establishment,” said Felix Adrian Fraser, spokesperson for the University of Sherbrooke’s Public Association of Law Students.

“At first everything was fine, but when the alcohol started showing up, it became difficult. We spent a good part of the evening playing the police, telling the kids to sit down and putting on their masks, but they didn’t listen. We expelled several students.

An employee who was on site that evening at Bar du Chat Noir, where the party took place, commented: “We’ve done everything to enforce the rules, we don’t want problems.”

The 2021-2022 Promotion Committee, which is responsible for organizing the event, posted 72 photos on Wednesday afternoon and removed them two hours later.

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