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Cherbourg en Cotentin.  This beautiful park is no-dogs, and has a dog area

Cherbourg en Cotentin. This beautiful park is no-dogs, and has a dog area

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Little ET is having fun in the middle of the doggie space. (© Alexandre Godfroy)

located next to Intermarche Store And CLT Tourlaville (commune delegated from Cherbourg-en-Cotentin, Manche), the Bagatelle ParkConsisting ofwild spaces And the’conserved spacesacquired July 2022 from a dedicated space dog.

“Good idea for development”

The Torlavilla dog park has been banned, and the municipality has, in fact, decided to create this land so that dogs can enjoy part of this four-hectare green space. Plus one Green areafollower poop bags Also available to their respective owners. She met Martine at the site, accompanied by her dog ET, Cecile, and was walking around the park before spotting the dog territory.

“We didn’t know it was there at all, it’s our first time going there,” says Martine.

It’s a good idea but it needs to be developed.

CecilA resident of Teurtheville-Hague

It must be said that Bagatelle Park, a real green lung made up of apple trees, pear trees, flowers and marshes, has many assets. ” the Aesthetic view Really easy on the eyes, it’s perfect for promenade Martin confirms.

“It’s a space that allows you to free your dog while on file security side says Bertrand Lefranc, deputy responsible for green spaces and urban hygiene. “We are content because we realize the place is used frequently,” he argues. 9H The deputy mayor raises the possibility of a to improve from space.

Alexander Godfroy

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