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Nearly a hundred visitors spot feathers from here

Nearly a hundred visitors spot feathers from here

literature. Nearly a hundred people visited the Plumes de chez nous literary fair, which took place on August 12 at the Carpe Diem space in Saint-Georges.

It was an opportunity for visitors to discover about twenty authors from all over Bose on the day of the Quebec Book Buy. “The day went very well. I received nothing but positive feedback, both from the authors and the visitors. People were moved to see that there were so many authors in the area. This is one of the comments that the exhibitors and I have received the most,” says the writer and event organizer. Miriam Bosky.

She adds that sales have been strong for many authors. “Some even told me they outsold as much as big city salons,” she says.

Among the exhibitors in attendance were Alain Lessard and his wife, Andrée-Anne Chevrier, who is also an author. “It’s a great day. In just two hours we’ve had several great encounters. It’s a very nice event. It allows discovery of local authors,” they comment.

An opinion shared by Josiane Fortin, who also had a booth. “The crowd is present, and the sun is also present. I am happy to be here for the second year. We notice that people are interested in discovering feathers here.

outdoor lounge

For the organizer, holding the event outdoors allows it to attract more attention. The Carpe Diem area is located near the footbridges. Passers-by can easily come and visit us. Motorists can also see the gazebos from the street,” Saleh explains of her choice.

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However, rain can play sports during such an outdoor event. “We were lucky, the weather was fine, but if the risk of rain was too great, we would have moved the show to a room in the Marie Fitzbach Cultural Center,” explains Miriam Bosque.

This precaution was taken with the officials of the St. George’s Municipal Library. “We have a good collaboration with the townspeople. I really appreciate that they called me back in December to find out when I would need the Carpe Diem space for viewing,” she says.

In closing, Miriam would like to thank all the authors and visitors who attended. “With the success we’ve had, I can say it’s almost 100% certain that the event will be back next year,” she concluded.