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Charlotte Carden is involved with sick children

Charlotte Carden is involved with sick children

The music therapy program at Montreal Children’s Hospital has a new sponsor.

This is singer and musician Charlotte Carradine.

I decided to participate during a historic visit to the hospital last November.

“By chance, I attended a meeting between a music therapist and a very young patient, one and a half or two years old, who was undergoing dialysis,” she says.

She will hold music therapy sessions and also hopes to help many teens who struggle with anxiety.

“As a teenager, I needed to consult psychologists. I needed mental health resources at some point in my life, and music helped me a lot with that too. So, of course, I relate more to this situation,” she said.

There are only three music therapists who all work part-time at Montreal Children’s Hospital. The Foundation has paid them since its humble beginnings in 1992.

Music therapist Christelle Jacquet meets a four-month-old baby. She sings accompaniments to him on the guitar. Come to see him once a week for 30 minutes.

Studies have shown that music can calm seriously ill newborns. This helps generate endorphins and manage any stress they may be feeling.

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