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In Australia, rain moves north, new outflows

In Australia, rain moves north, new outflows

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Southeast Australia is still suffering from unprecedented rainfall and flooding. The country’s most populous city will be on alert if the worst weather appears to be gradually moving away from Sydney to the north of New South Wales state. Rivers are high, and the 85,000 people who have been called to evacuate this weekend have at times been forced from their homes.

With our correspondent in Sydney, Leo Roussel

Citizens have long begun to find out. This Wednesday, July 6, in the small town of Windsor, northwest of Sydney, the main attraction is not the visit of Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, but the observation of the level of the river, which will completely disappear a bridge. Terrain.

While Sydney has received less rain since Tuesday than in recent days, river levels remain high. Too much for one resident, Lynette, who still can’t get to her house to see any damage. “ We don’t know if we will be able to enter our house. We were told we could go back but all the roads were blocked “, she testifies.

Rain until Friday

And it’s still raining. New evacuation orders were issued last night, this time a little further north in the state of New South Wales. This is not the case for Helen and her husband, the holidaymakers who were stranded when they planned to travel north. “ We came to this trailer park to spend four nights. We arrived on Saturday, but we are still here because of the flood “, she laments.

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Many residents of Sydney’s suburbs sought refuge in evacuation centres. But with rain expected till Friday, it is difficult to say when they will return to their homes. Australia is on high alert due to flooding.

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