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Charles III did not compromise his presence in Trooping the Color, but a major change was necessary

Charles III did not compromise his presence in Trooping the Color, but a major change was necessary

Trooping the Color Day is a much anticipated event in the United Kingdom as it celebrates the Sovereign's birthday. This year will be particularly special as King Charles III is in the midst of a battle against illness. Suffice to say that doesn't stop him from attending the party. Well, normally.

The event will take place in a few weeks like every year. Trooping Color Parade, celebrating the birthday of England's sovereign, will take place on Saturday 15th June in Horse Guards Parade. Last year, King Charles III appeared proudly on his great horse, in the red dress of the country's famous guards, with a large black hairy hat falling over their eyes. I don't know if he can do it again this year.

When Charles III underwent prostate surgery earlier in the year, the rest turned out to be more complicated than expected. Buckingham Palace has announced that Camilla Parker Bowles' husband has cancer, but little is known about the nature of the disease or the organ it affects. But Charles III takes care of himself, he can also count on the support of his loved ones and admirers of the crown.

Is Charles III present?

And he wants to return the favorHe wants to attend the Trooping the Color parade at any cost. A source said Daily Mail The king was determined to appear at an event that would put him in the spotlight: “There are many important events he wants to attend in his diary and this is at the top of the list.“King Charles III's aides must find a way not to tire him too much.

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