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Deux familles Ukrainiennes sont arrivées dans cette auberge de jeunesse à Calais lundi.

517 Ukrainians came to Kales to join the United Kingdom, half of whom returned to the border

1.5 million refugees have fled Ukraine since the conflict began. They head west, to Poland, Romania, and some have begun to arrive in France and the Nord and the Pass-de-Calais. From February 28, 517 people arrived in Kalais Should try to reach relatives in the UK. Nearby Half of them have returned At the border.

250 refugees were deported

According to statistics from Pass-de-Calais ProvinceThis is already worrying 250 people. They wanted to go by boat or channel tunnel, but could not because they did not have a visa.

In a press release, the provincial council underscores Difficulty in carrying out administrative procedures To the people who are running, “They are already tired of their long and arduous journey“In particular, not many people know that you have to go to the embassy in Paris or the embassy in Brussels to get a visa.

Diplomatic tensions

The situation of these refugees a A new tension between the French and British authorities. This Saturday, March 5, Northern Home Minister Gerald Dormann “”Inhumanity“Across the channel. His British envoy replied that he could not this Sunday.”Open the door“The country for all refugees.

A British consulate has been set up in Galilee this weekend to ease administrative procedures for Ukrainian deportees, but it Visa is not issued.

The asymmetry of the object?

136 Ukrainians are currently traveling in Galilee, Their administrative procedures are to be finalized. They Stayed at the youth hostel Thanks to the city, municipality and state guidelines. “In Kaleidovar, people from Ukraine have been denied accommodation in a few days, despite unions asking them to provide shelter for people stranded at the border for years.“On Friday, March 4, the exiled Utopia 56 faced support for the union.

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When asked about the matter earlier this week, Glass Mayor Natasha Bouchard asked Justified this difference in reception “Two different audiences : “The Ukrainians are in the usual situation. They ask the state for help, while the immigrants in Calais do not ask anything from France, they are in a state of disarray, they want to go to England and deny France’s support.“, She defended.

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