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CH 'will be ready' for Matt Remby and Rangers

CH 'will be ready' for Matt Remby and Rangers

(New York) The night was short for the Canadian, who arrived very late in New York after his match on Saturday. Sunday evening can be long.

In Manhattan, the Rangers will be waiting for them. A dominant team by all standards, sitting first in the overall standings. And the team that currently houses the most feared player in the NHL.

According to the journalists assigned to cover Rangers, it appears that Matt Remby will face the Habs in the evening. In the morning exercise – where Journalism He didn't show up – the 6'7″ giant skated to the right of Barclay Goodreau and Johnny Brodzinski, on a fourth line that could certainly be politely described as annoying.

Rempe, 21, became an instant star in Manhattan. After 14 matches, even if he was little used, he threw down the gloves five times, and not against “easy” opponents: Matt Martin, Nicolas Deslauriers, Mathieu Olivier, Ryan Reeves and Curtis McDiarmid. He also applies a lot of scrutiny, sometimes dangerous: Talk to Nathan Bastian and Jonas Seigenthaler of the New Jersey Devils, who missed 21 and 9 games, respectively, due to injuries after crossing paths with Rempe.

His presence on Sunday night will also arrive 24 hours after Toronto Maple Leafs' Ryan Reaves enjoyed taunting Habs players after a fight against Michael Peseta.


Ryan Reeves (75) and Michael Pizzetta (55) fought on Saturday night.

In the absence of injured heavyweight Arber Cicaj, Peseta and his teammates are expected to be in the crosshairs of Matt Rempe.

On Sunday morning, coach Martin St. Louis didn't pay much attention to the Rangers' tough guy. “I think the players [du CH] Know what his job is. “We will be prepared for everything,” he said simply.

Furthermore, against Rangers, he expects his men to be defensively conscientious, and to “manage risks” without “shooting themselves in the foot” against such a tough opponent.

Kayden Primeau, who took over for Samuel Montembault in the second half against the Leafs on Saturday, will be New York's starting goaltender. Otherwise the training will remain the same. Defenders Kayden Gohle and Arber Shikaj, both suffering from upper-body injuries, remain unable to play. As for striker Jesse Lunin, he will miss the second match in a row.

Good words for Baron and Rocket

It means Justin Barron, who was urgently recalled from the Laval Rocket on Saturday due to the carnage the defence, will be in uniform for the second night in a row.

Against the Maple Leafs, aside from the lone foul on Toronto's fourth goal, the right-hander performed really well, even though he hasn't played in the NHL for more than two months.

Martin St. Louis added: “If we exclude this mistake, his touches were excellent.” He skated well and was confident. There's a big difference between trying to stay in the league and living in it. Yesterday he wasn't trying to survive, he was alive. This is what we want from him. »

The coach took the opportunity to throw flowers to the coaching staff of the Rocket team, led by Jean-François Houle. “The environment in Laval is very good to prepare players to play in the NHL,” Pilot said. I feel like when guys come in, they're ready. They are able to play and make an impact. I am very satisfied. »

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